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Summer Breeze/White Line

Well guys looks like my crowd isn't going to make it to Summer Breeze. 
My hauling partner's horse, Ben, the horse who'd only lost one shoe in 9
years lost 2 this week and turns out it's due to White Line.  If I don't
get in touch with managment in time give them my regrets.

Now, about White Line treatments. In the past I've had good results from
Formaldehyde.  White Line is a fungus right?  So, this time I took a
bottle of the fungus killer stuff you spray on roses (no I don't have any
landscaping, I'd bought it earlier to treat rain rot) and rather than
dilute it I shot it in the hoof straight.  The next day I mixed it up
properly and cleaned everybody's hooves (afflicted or not) and just
dipped them. I wasn't too sure about this treatment, but it was what I
had here and I wanted to hurry up and get started.  I talked to my
farrier last night and he said my "good vet" has started prescribing
acetone and "Captan" (stuff for roses).  HA!  Sounds like I was on the
right track...Doesn't Acetone just really, really dry something formaldehyde?

Anybody got any other tips or critiques for this treatment.  Right now
I'm looking at just pulling the other shoe, trimming away the dark line
and then hitting it with the rose fungus stuff until I get some acetone
or formaldehyde.  Any suggestions?


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