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Re: RC: Filling Trailer tires while loaded

>   I am going to check my horse trailer tires to see if they need more air.
> But I have to go to a gas station to do that (fill the tires).  The one I
> use is on the way to KY (Summer Breeze).  So I want to load my horse and
> then go put air in the tires (if necessary).  Anybody see anything wrong
> with that?

That is my usual modus operandi, and I've encountered only one problem
regularly -- Embers likes to relieve himself over the back door while
parked at the gas station, so I end up having to get out the manure fork
while non-horsey people stand around holding their noses, pointing and
exclaiming. <BG>

Glenda & Lakota <too short to poop over the door>
Mobile, AL
AERC # M18819 & H27310
SE Region

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