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RE: RC: RE: SWAT illegal during competition?

Title: RE: RC: RE: SWAT illegal during competition?

That would be my understanding of the rule.

Here is the rules snipped from Steph's/AERC web site:

13 The integrity Of Endurance Competition requires that the equine is not influenced by any drug, medication or veterinary treatment. Endurance equines must compete entirely on their natural ability. AERC prohibits from competition equines who contain evidence of the administration of abnormal substances or of normal substances in abnormal amounts (exogenously administered compounds even if normally found endogenously). Since the complete effects of such administration cannot be known, the fairness and safety require the prohibition of such practices.

13a. The use of additional therapies during competition shall be prohibited. This shall include any invasive procedures, (eg: accupuncture), manipulative procedures, (eg: osseous manipulative procedures), the use of any devices to manipulate or stimulate accupressure or response points, (eg: Bioscans, laser lights, magnetic stimulation devices, etc.). Competition shall mean the time from the pre-ride veterinary examination to the completion of the final veterinary examination for the event, including the best-condition judging. Multiple day rides shall be treated as they have been determined by AERC -- either individuals day events or one event if so designated.

13.1 A. Upon discovery of the presence of such drug or medication, approved laboratory shall immediately report the matter to AERC. Any action or substance administered internally or externally, whether drugs or otherwise, which may interfere with the testing procedure, or mask or screen the presence of such drug, is forbidden.

13.1 B. Presence of such medication or drug in an equine participating in an AERC sanctioned event shall be grounds for review by the Protest and Grievance committee with input of the Veterinary Committee.

13.1 D. Every entrant shall, upon request of an AERC approved veterinarian, permit a specimen of urine, saliva, blood or other substance to be taken for testing; and refusal to comply with such request shall constitute grounds for immediate disqualification of the equine/rider from participation in future AERC sanctioned events for such period as determined by the Protest and Grievance committee.

Linda Flemmer

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And remember, that 96 hours is from the time you vet in.  Not when the
competition actually starts.


At 12:26 PM 7/21/99 -0400, Flemmer, Linda wrote:

>To add to your (short) but accurate list of "allowed" items, I refer to
>the permissible/nonreplicable items sent to me from AERC & on Steph's web
>page.  It isn't a long list and they made sure that there was a caveat
>that read:
>** It is advised that non-permissable substances not be given within 96
>hours of the competition to minimize any likelihood of a substance being
>picked up on testing (see above reference "natural substances")  NOTE THAT

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