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Big Horn 100/50

Hi all,
I am de-lurking again (2x in less than a week!).
Anyway, last week I wrote that this historic ride was losing it's current ride manager, Cindy Collins. I believe that part is still true.  Hopefully, they can secure another ride manager that is as competent and thorough as Cindy tries to be.
My small story is just one of personal accomplishment.  I am new to endurance having done 150+ miles of limited distance and one 50 miler a while ago. I am comfortable with the distance of 50 miles. Prior to this year only 30 of these miles was on my current horse and so far this year we have done one 25 miler and two fifties in which my mare did just fine. The Big Horn was another story tho. I was very anxious about this ride because I have heard that this is a very difficult ride. This is a true statement!!!!
Fortunately, I had the opportunity to go with Cindy and mark the beginning of  this ride as well as the climb up the mountain. I was concerned about the beginning because this ride started at 4:00 am and I had never ridden in the dark before. YIKES!
Then, the climb up this humungous mountain! I was intimidated (an understatement!).
Because I had been up this trail prior to the ride I at least knew what to expect.
My goal was to overcome my fear of riding in the dark and to get up this flippin' mountain with me and my horse in one piece! I anticipated it taking us 10+ hours to
finish this ride (and the finish wasn't at the top of the mountain...just another
vet check!). Well, my personal accomplishment is that not only did I ride in the dark (it was a very well controlled start for a mile or so) and I actually finished this ride. I not only finished.....I finished it in just a few minutes over 8 hours!!!
My horse got all A's all the way through (can't say the same for me!!) and I am so proud of her for taking care of not only me but herself. When she got tired after climbing up this mountain she basically would only walk,even if I urged her on. She
knew that she neeeded to recuperate from this huge climb and I thank her for knowing her limits.
I want to thank Cindy for giving me the encouragement to do this ride and the opportunity to overcome my fears.
Wish I could be more of a storyteller like Nick Warhol or Karen Chaton. Conquering your fears brings such a sense of accomplishment..........
Next 50 miler in Columbus, MT next month......Happy trails,

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