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Re: RC: Riding Cavalry

> A front saddle-pack was worn over the horse's left 
>shoulder.>This pack contained an ammunition pack of 15 cartridges; two
front>horse-shoes with nails, horse-shoe screw caulks and one tethering
ring >in>the horse-shoe pouch; 500 gm >of rusks, 200 gm of preserved meat
or>mess-tins; one pack of tools, a sewing kit with scissors, spoon,
>mirror and>comb, >toothbrush, soap, razor, shaving-brush, one clothes
brush, one
>horse-cleaning kit, field cap, song-book, and one halter chain.  A 
>left-hand>cantle pack contained a pair of underpants and a pair of
socks, and >the>rifle was carried standing vertically in a bucket >to the
left rear of >the>saddle. 

>From the research I did for my "Making the Weight" story for the
Chronicle, this sounds an awful lot like what Lari Shea was carrying to
try to make weight for Tevis.


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