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Swollen leg

What do I do to treat this?

The story --

 I rode the Laguna ride late June and completed the 50. It was
3 weeks before Timberon which I'd planned to go to After one 
week's rest, I rode her out for a leisurely stroll with some others.
My mare was kicked on her hind leg by one of the horses. The vet said she
ok, but bone bruised. She needed 2 - 3 weeks to heal. I lunged her for 20
minutes for 2
weeks. She was never lame on it and the vet said that light exercise was
The sweling went down. I've been riding her now for 2 weeks and all has
well. Until last Wed. My daughter was only trying to help, but the horses
dashed out the
gate that she'd opened for me. My mare ran into the hitch on the back of
my husband's
truck. Same leg - a little lower. Very swollen - not hot - not lame. I
lunged her (20 min)Thurs, Fri,
 Sat. She wasn't lame ever. I rode her today -- normal  difficulty and
was thrilled
 that her leg, when we got back, was back to normal. Nice and tight. 3
hours later it is swollen.
Not hot, not lame. But it looks bad. It looks like she had just smashed
it against the hitch again.

How do I get it so that it doesn't swell up after a ride? I've always
been so proud that 
her legs are nice and tight. There's a little puffiness around the back
fetlocks, but not much. 
She has 1200 miles in "97, '98, '99, so I figure it goes with the

Do I need to wrap? Ice it after? Clay poultice?


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