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This is directed at anybody... but Karen Chaton in particular 'cause her website helped me out lots.
OK, I just bought my very first EZ-Boot... well actually I bought 4. I've decided to not shoe my horse (I've been riding him for 2 yrs w/ no shoes and he's done fine hoof-wise), and to use EZ-Boots instead. Where I ride isn't that rocky, usually. But I do plan on doing a few training rides at state parks where there are lots of rocks (I live in MA... the whole state is rocky!) and want to use the boots for 10-20 mile rides. My question is.... Do I have to use vet-wrap on the heel strap? Around the hoof? Should I just use the EasyFoam? Can I cut the back of the heel off completly?
My horse has undershot heels, and one clubbed foot that still has almost no heel, so I cut down the back of the boots, but don't want to do the 'ol trial-and-error routine to see if I should use vet-wrap, cut off the whole back heel, etc.
Thanks in advance!
Marlana Pitas and LL Rheebok (mom, *what* are those things on my feet???)
South Attleboro, MA

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