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all this time i was doing it wrong?

You mean to tell me all this time I was swimming my horse all wrong? We
would just go in the pond I would hang on to her neck and kinda float behind
her. Gee now I must swim beside her?? I would get rather tired after a
while! It was hard enuff to stay floating She would swim so fast you could
use her as a ski boat! Now I am supposed to keep her from drowning?? I guess
Mr. Thegreatguruofhorsetraininggod Lyons never saw a horse ROLL in a pond
and submerge his WHOLE HEAD!!!!!!Maybe I will get her some Scuba gear Hey
the all purpose horse you can NOW take them on ALL your vacations. I am
taking Baru on this years Vacation were gonna go hit some trails in the
Smokeys!! gosh hope Motel6 has a double king available
Carla (baru quit hoggin the covers)
Baru (MOooom turn the AC down its like a mosuleum in here)

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