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Re: Swimming horse

Important!!! -

Please be sure your horse is unrestricted by way of any tie-downs,
etc. They can and do drown.

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Date: Friday, July 09, 1999 5:41 PM
Subject: RC: Swimming horse

>In a message dated 99-07-09 13:32:00 EDT, you write:
><< If you are riding a horse that ends up swimming (and doesn't panic)-
> do you stay on its back?  If you have to exit, what is the best way
> to avoid getting kicked by the swimming feet?   >>
>Interesting that this question came up.  There is a good article answering
>these very questions in the July issue of John Lyon's magazine Perfect
>It covers control in the water, to get off the horse when it has to start
>swimming, and how to swim beside the horse.  Don't ride it while it is
>swimming.  John says not to hang on to the horse either when swimming.  It
>very easy to push a horse under with very little pressure.  Do your own
>It was an interesting article.
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