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ridecamp auction to benefit Pacific North

Wendy Lumbert
Ridecampers, lurkers, and friends,
Pacific North is working hard and fast to raise money for the Pan American Championships in Canada on Aug. 7.  As you can imagine,
it is a lot of cash for each rider to come up with to get themselves and their horse all that way, just for the love of the sport. Lari Shea has very
generously donated 2 vacations at her ranch, Ricochet Ridge Ranch,
which we are now auctioning off to the highest bidder. Please look these
two vacations over and if you would like to bid on one just send the amount you are bidding, your name and phone number to Wendy
Lumbert, email   or phone it in to (530) 889-2168.
We will post the winner on ridecamp the day after the Tevis clinic July 21.
Here's a great way to support the team and have a terrific horse vacation
on the California coast.

VACATION #1     4 night weekend vacation on the Mendicino Coast!!
4 nights of board for 4 horses at the Ricochet Ridge Ranch, with an
experienced endurance riding guide to take you for the ride of your lives
through private trails on the beach and through the redwood forests. Includes lunch, beverages, and snacks. Camping for humans available
at the state park on the beach, or in Lari's back yard.
Value of this vacation is $905.

VACATION #2    Beach and Redwood trail ride for 2 on the Mendicino
Coast! All day trail ride on Ricochet Ridge Ranch horses for two people,
includes lunch, beverages, and snacks.  Camping nearby or at Lari's.
Value of this vacation is $390.

Let the bidding begin!!
(you do not have to bid the full value of the vacation)

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