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Re: cookies

>How many cookies did it take to equal a full dose?  And what kind of lytes
>did you use?

Gosh, as I recall I used 24 scoops in a batch of cookies.  I used a
electrolyte mix from our local feed store, electro-dex or something similar
which was flavored.  I have made them with other electrolytes that were
unflavored, but I had to cut the dose as the cookie's got too salty and the
horses turned their noses up at them.
The dose would depend on the number of cookies you made, so if the dose was
one 2 oz scoop and my batch made two dozen cookies, then I would feed one
cookie.  Will depend on the size of your cookies.  I have also used a mini
muffin pan to form the cookies and that worked well.  Cute.


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