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Re: taking care of rider

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    Date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 7:58 PM
    Subject: Re: taking care of rider

    Gookinaid E.R.G. is also available from The Australian Connection at
$9.95 for a kilo tub.  How's that price compare with REI?

    I use Carbo-Pro from The A. Connection as well and it helps keep enough
calories in me during the ride.  Mix it in the water bottle--not sweet, and
virtually tasteless.

        I don't have a kilo tub price from REI, but they have an online
store at I bought individual packs for $.85 each because I like
a variety of flavors. Thanks for the tip on Carbo-Pro. Is that another
electrolyte drink, or is it a food substitute?

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