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SR Enduro owners

To all SR Enduro owners:

I'm about to make the cast for my horse & send in all measurements.  Have
talked to Steve numerous times.  Wanted to get some opinions....

1)  When you casted to one particular horse, did you find that you were
still able to ride other similar horses in your SR?    Did any of you just
do the "generic" fit?

2)  I am getting the model w/ fenders .... did you have him fit it for
western or english rigging?  What girth or cinch do you use w/ it?   I
currently ride in a Synergist (dressage billets) and like that.   What
would be advantage / disadvantage of English / Western rigging on the SR?

3)  Any other advice on fitting?

4)  What pad do you use?



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