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RE: Re: Summer Breeze

Title: RE: Re: Summer Breeze

What's to say that the riders AREN'T over heating & passing out in the East & South?  Two years ago at the Old Dominion, with 5 miles left to go, I got off the horse at a vet check and literally collapsed from heat exhaustion.  People took turns pouring ice-cold well water over me while my crew took Rocket thru the check.  I PRAYED that we'd be pulled so I could take an air conditioned truck ride home.  No such luck.  :-(  I was told that Rocket could babysit me for the last 5 miles, so "get your sorry self in the saddle & ride!"  I loaded up with lots of fluids, put on a dry shirt, and managed to finish as 2nd or 3rd HW.

I usually carry a camelback & a water bottle.  One is to drink from, and one is to squirt on me & Rocket when there are no streams around.  Often when I sponge, Rocket has to share the water with me before we go on.


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From: BE []
And I thought 90 on a dry dusty desert ride was hot!

You people in the east & south are TOUGH RIDERS.  You talk about keeping the
horse cool and I wonder what you do to keep yourselves from passing out and
falling off the horse.

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