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Re: tendon injury

Sorry to post this to the list, but when I try to send this directly to
Martha it gets sent back.

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Yeah, that sounds like Akela!  And he healed well.  As for support, polos
work, tnough actually track bandages are even better for that, with a quilt
underneath.  Or if you have a sports medicine boot that's good as well, but
I'd be more uncertain about leaving it on for long periods.  Good luck!

michael mcmurray wrote:

> Mickie,
> Thanks for your post. That makes sense to me. I know if Kruze is out,
> especially in the heat, he is more likely to just hang out. Now he makes
> himself frantic if no horses are up near him. The other alternative is
> to stall another horse to keep him company, but that's not a great
> solution for the other horse.
> Did you use polos for support when you turned him out?
> Martha McMurray

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