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RE:"whoa" and bits

Thanks to all who have sent me thoughts on my current problem with my horse
getting strong, and lack of control. A tad more info/background. this horse
used to do a bunch of endurance...11 years ago. We were racing, and coming
in tope 10. Then he had a moderate bowed tendon at a ride in 1989, and has
been doing other things, including carriage driving (CDE's) since then. I
decided to hit the trail again this year. Did a NATRC ride, CP class, where
we walked, well jigged all day. tried an open NATRC ride, and as long as he
could not see someone in front of him, was pretty manageable. Well, we sent
in an entry for Tevis. this horse does not understand he can not go as fast
as he wants for the first part of the ride. His little mind says "Must catch
leader". With 250 riders all starting at the same time, I imagine the first
part of the ride is not going to be real fun. I need to be able to rate him,
so he does not use himself up too early in the ride. he has seen the last 40
miles of the trail, so if we can get to Michigan Bluff, he will know where
he is. As I have been told, he will get tired.....eventually. BTW, He
remembered where he was when we were heading in on the last part of the
trail, and it had been 11 years since he had seen it. So, I would love to
have time to school him on some pleasure or "poker" rides, but time is
getting short. I used to ride and drive this horse in an Egg Butt, French
Link snaffle, and still can, when alone on the trail. But in a group, those
long shanked walking horse bits are starting to look good. (kidding...only a
little) Am going to try a hackamore one more time, as that is what he used
to work in. Also am going to pony him some, keeping him behind the riding
horse on some narrow trails. He needs to learn to get used to the view of
another horses tail. Then, last, I am going to look into some relaxation
herbs etc. Will keep everyone posted. Thanks again for all the suggestions,
and thoughts.
Jonni & Drut "If you are not the lead horse, the view never changes"

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