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Re: Summer Breeze

And I thought 90 on a dry dusty desert ride was hot!

You people in the east & south are TOUGH RIDERS.  You talk about keeping the
horse cool and I wonder what you do to keep yourselves from passing out and
falling off the horse.
Betty in the "relatively cool"  Northwest
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Date: Monday, July 05, 1999 1:53 PM
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>>  I'm getting ready for Summer Breeze and I'm getting a little >nervous
>>about>the weather.  Here in Southern TN, we're having >90s with high
>She's right, but those of you with 100+ temps remember...this is with
>humidity (just guessing) well over 80%  I wouldn't be surprised it it was
>100% today.  If we followed the rule of Temp & humidity danger zones we'd
>never get to ride.  It's been so humid I use windshield wipers in the
>evening just because the HUMIDITY is wetting my windshield...REALLY!
>Now, about Summer Breeze.  I believe it's at the same place I did the
>Kentucky Stampede, east of Lexington.  Yes, camp is an open hot field,
>but there's woods across the road where the vet check is.  I would just
>take a lawn chair and put him a picket line over there after the ride.  I
>made the mistake of driving all night and getting there on Friday morning
> avoid hauling in the heat.  Problem was camp was hot as blue blazes and
>I couldn't sleep Friday during the day.  Not to mention camped next to
>the most incredible fighting couple I've ever seen...that's another
>The course itself was great for heat.  You spent lots of time in shady
>ravines and must have crossed the same mountain stream a hundred times.
>The biggest problem was the last 100 yards into the vet check.  It was a
>wide open dirt road up a steep hill.  We did it four times and it REALLY
>heated the horses up.  I've never gone through so much water in my life,
>but there was a hose not far from the check (which is in shade) and Tommy
>Crain earned some jewels for his crown by refilling everybody's buckets
>all day.
>I rode 22 miles Sat. in this, and 12 this morning.  With LOTS of
>sponging, he was O.K.
>During the race when you get to cold water, stay and KEEP SPONGING.
>Stand him in it up to his knees if you can.  Keep sponging until his skin
>doesn't warm up again under your hand, get the core temp. down.
>If you're on a road that's in and out of the sun, trot the SUN, and walk
>the shade.  That will save you from the radient heat.  Hug the shade like
>a vampire.  AVOID it at all costs.  I'll up my electrolytes some, and
>drop my pace a lot.  I'll make good time in the morning, and spend lots
>of time in the creek as the day warms up.
>Carry ICE WATER in your water bottles to squirt on him, but drink lots
>yourself too. I plan to use ice water some in the vet check.  This will
>be a first, but the last time I was there it took him 13 min. to come
>down once, and it was purely the heat from climbing that hill.  He's
>usually down in 3.
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