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RE: Windpuffs

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I've got a ? for you:  I have a 12 ish year old mare (POA) who I've been 
conditioning for 6 months and whe's getting really stong.  We've done a 30, 
and a 25 and are now ready to move on to a slow 50.  Her problem is she gets 
[Karen Sullivan]  

I will be interested to hear the comments on this-my opinion here is first, I think some horses are more prone to windpuffs than others.....It is supposed to be an indication of stress to the joints.  But the soundest mare I have ever owned has windpuffs on the back legs.....

On the other hand; you may be pushing it.  This is where I am interested in comments from the group.  I have an 8 year old mare that I got a year ago, with absolutely no base.  The vast majority of riding I have done on her has been short rides with climbing, or longer with some trotting. I was less concerned with getting her fit, and more concerned with getting her accustomed to the world; stopping to prune branches, exploring on little deer trails that involved stopping and turning, crossing water and experiencing different types of terrain. Almost daily rides, some alone, some in groups.  She was started in June; ridden all fall, did a 15mile competitive trail ride in April, and I hope to do Lassen 25 in Sept. I would not think of doing a 50 on her until she had at least a year and a half of riding. So far; always sound, no indication of windpuffs.  Right now I am doing more trotting, and a little cantering.

I was more concerned with having this mare relaxed and safe to ride on the trail; the downside is she is so laid back and mellow my daughter is bored to ride her........I keep thinking as she gets more fit,she will have more "go."  But that may just be her personality.  She may be much more suited to NATRC or competitive trail than endurance.

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