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Hi again, I'm sorry for not posting my email address, I just clicked send before I checked to make sure I had everything complete.  Here it is:   I was NOT trying to be anonymous or secretive, just clicked to soon!
My friend whose RC I access said there was a lot of response to my post.  Good and bad.  I will give it another chance as there were More postive people replying to me, asking me to give RC another chance.  Only a few had strong feelings against me, thinking I was trying to pull something, what I don't know.  It's this way of thinking that turned me off in the first place.  But as "they" say, good wins over bad.
I do want to know more about the sport and Yes I have read some helpful information, but I guess at the time I was on, it was a time when there were more complaints and gripes then postive information.
I tried to send this last week but modem crashed and wasn't able to send until now.  Really, no ulterior motive!
Thanks to all who convinced me to try again.  It's people like you who makes a newcomer feel welcome!
Hopefully will see you on trails.

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