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Happy 4th of July everyone!  Last week we(Dale Peterson, my trail quide for
the day) and my spouse who again was our #1 crew meeting us a various
points along the way, rode the trail from Robinson Flat to Foresthill.  It
is in excellent shape and a spectacular ride.  The well driller was coming
into Devil's Thumb to drill while we were there.  I want to take a moment
to thank all the Tevis riders past and present who have encouraged and
helped me get ready for this ride.  Most of these folks have many
completions to their credit and I feel most fortunate to have had their
support.  Not only did some ride the trail with me, but put us up (and our
horse and dog if needed) but helped us out when we had vehicle trouble and
in general did what ever they could to help.  It's reasurring to know you
have 2 or 3 names to call if you have questions or need suggestions about
something. No matter what happens July 24th, I owe you all big time!  Kind
of reminds me of the attitude and atmosphere that was most prevalent years
ago.  Thank you all!

Sharon & Brawo (the calm one of the two of us.  He told me that bridge was
going to be a piece of cake!)

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