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Re: Re: Horses wanted

>Hmm, you are doing better than me. I figure it's $2500 to get a foal from
>breeding to birth and that's WHEN I OWN the mare AND the stallion! :)

Why? I have a mare and a stallion that I bred. The cost of keeping them is
irrelevant (to me) since we have them to ride. I paid $60 to have the mare
palpated and cultured. I bred them (they lived together). The mare received
3 Rhino shots @ ~$9/each. When she foaled, she retained the placenta and the
vet had to come out, which cost us $450 total. All in all, the filly cost us
about $600 when she was weaned. We have been offered over $2k for her, but
she is not for sale. We spend about $70/month feeding her and averaging in
her shots and insurance, but we feel that this is well worth the pleasure of
having her around. If we had bred for a foal to sell, we would have made out
fairly well. If we were going to sell her now, maybe not (she is 1 yrs). If
we wait until she is 3 and under saddle, we could get a good price for her
too. I guess it all depends on your situation... :-)

Steph McCray
Golden, CO

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