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Re: RC: Re: Horses wanted

I forwarded that request for cheap  horses to the list.  I am pretty
amazed at the responses.  Paul told me to add (after it was too late &
I'd already sent the email) that anyone with such a horse to sell should
first make sure this person was not a "front" for a killer buyer.
Someone else pointed that out right away, though.

What amazed me is all the indignation that someone would expect a person
to sell a horse that cheaply.  Yet I subscribe to several lists - not
just this one - and there are lots of people all the time who expect to
only pay that much ($700 seems to be the break off point) for a horse.
I have received *nasty* emails about the nerve I have asking $5000 for
an extremely well trained, well behaved 10 year old mare.  I receive
*lots* of emails asking if we have $500 well trained 10 year old (insert
color and height and sex) horses.  Nobody on this list would sell their
horse that cheaply, but then it also seems nobody wants to pay what it
costs to raise a horse, either.

I don't know.  I'm confused.  LIf

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