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Beet pulp and colic

     I spent a few anxious hours with my wife's horse last night with 
     colic. I think it was gas.  He had gut sounds and began passing gas 
     and normal but small poops when he started feeling better.  Banamine 
     and 3 hours of walking improved him greatly.  We started our 2 horses 
     on beet pulp 5 days prior.  Beet pulp was pellet type soaked in water 
     until soft and mixed with a little grain and All In One (alfalfa/grass 
     + molasses).  Beet pulp was fed along with or after 1/2 and 1/2 
     alfalfa plus oat hay (trying to reduce the alfalfa).  Feeding per 
     horse was about 2.5 - 3 cups dry beet pulp (6-8 cups wet) once per day 
     in PM for 2 days increasing to 3 - 3.5 cups dry for next 2 days.  
     Colic for one horse on day 5 after his alfalfa + oat hay but before 
     beet pulp feeding.  Horse #2 was OK.
     So, opinions welcome.  Any reported problems with gas when feeding 
     beet pulp?  Did we switch too fast?  Was this a coincidence or related 
     to the change in diet?  Should we start over with lower/slower beet 
     pulp ration?
     Jack & Judy
     Danny and Toots (please excuse my farts)

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