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Re: Chevy vs. Ford vs. Dodge Truck

I'm pulling with a '95 Chevy 3500.  It's not a 4x4, but it is a dually, and
we put a supercharger, a 4.63 rear differential and a Gear Vendor aux tranny
onto it.  Anyway, the same basic truck, we just beefed it up to handle the
heavy load.  We pull a VERY large, heavy rig and have been very happy with
the set-up.  It's been back to the dealership for a few minor problems
(cruise control went wonky, windshield wiper, etc), but never a problem with
the engine or drivetrain.

If I were to buy another rig right this minute, and I were still going to
pull a heavy rig, I would think hard about a Dodge diesel for the gas
mileage.  If I were going to stick with a gas engine, then I'd buy a clone
to what I have in a heartbeat.  It's a little embarassing how much I love my
truck---my husband says he knew I loved him the day I let him actually drive
my beloved dually. :-D

Susan G

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Date: Friday, June 25, 1999 5:03 AM
Subject: RC: Chevy vs. Ford vs. Dodge Truck

>I have (what I consider) a great opportunity to buy a used (95') Chevy 3500
>(V8) 5 speed, 4x4, with tow package and all the bells and whistles.  It
>to have the power to take care of the small gooseneck I want to pull, and
>drives very nice.  With all the discussion on Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge, I
>curious if anyone who has one of these beasts would do it differently next
>time, or is happy as a clam?   Any issues with this years model?  Thanks in
>Kristi in Maryland
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