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Re: RC: Re: Re: Why don't riders like to be judged? -- Let's getthe factsst...

Sylvia wrote:  "Well, I have to say that I've never seen a horse die at
a NATRC ride. "

I have seen one horse near death at a NATRC ride (Coe Park many years
ago).  Many hours of veterinary care, very touch and go for a while.
The woman should have gotten off her horse and led it in even though she
would have been disqualified, but she went "by the rules" and not by
good judgment.

I've seen an experienced NATRC rider's horse die after a training ride
on the Tevis trail.  That one took 3 days.  I guess the NATRC training
doesn't carry over to non-ride situations for some people.

Overriding a horse is the rider's fault, and and if the rider is a big
enough fool, overriding isn't going to be *prevented* by the kind of
rider - endurance or competitive - he or she is.  Lif

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