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Fwd: RC: Why don't riders like to be judged? -- Let's get thefacts straight

Forgot to cc ridecamp on this one.  i KNOW you were dying to hear it.


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In a message dated 6/24/99 7:02:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Sounds to me like NATRC doesn't have a consisent set of rules throughout
 the country.  It also seems that endurance riders are endurance riders
 for the very reason that they don't like a big set of rules and
 subjective judging.  From all I have seen a heard, I would conclude that
 NATRAC is a mixture of trail ride and horse show, with a bit of
 conditioning of the horse thrown in.

Hi Truman, maybe so.  I have travelled all over the county competing my 
wonderful horse, Harca, in NATRC and AERC.   I guess maybe I've been lucky 
because even at the National Championship level that we've competed at in 
NATRC, we've never been judged on how clean his nostrils were or had a clown 
try to hand us anything.  I've noticed that in a lot of these posts people 
actually ended up referring to OTHER sports, not NATRC, when they were 
complaining (i.e., the IAHA National Championship ride -thumps dispute).  
Kind of starts to sound like urban legends to me.  I have no problem with 
someone saying they don't want their horsemanship judged, as you say -- to 
each his own.  However, when they start knocking a sport for stuff that just 
plain doesn't happen -- I object, strongly!  I think there is a lot of 
knee-jerk stuff going on here.

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