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clean that NATRC horse

The reason I clean my horse up after a ride (NATRC or endurance) is it is a
great way to find any cuts, scrapes, rubs or sores. If you are going over
your horse to remove the dirt and sweat, you should also find any sores the
horse got on the ride. I have found most judges take into account the
weather, when the judge the cleanliness of your horse at the post ride
check. You should be able to get off the sweat and dirt without much water.
Yes, it takes more work...Yes, you are tired and would really rather sit
down and drink a cold one, but my horse carried me all day, and he deserves
to get the sweat off, and be checked for any sores. As Sylvia said, the
horse can be standing there munching while you take care of him. Also, on
the clean horse note, if you start with a fairly clean horse, you will have
that much less dirt to roll off and mix with the sweat and turn into spots
that can be potential rubs from the tack. (this also goes on to say we start
with a clean pad, clean girth, and such)

Jonni whos grandfather taught me "Do not come in from a ride and take care
of your needs, until you have taken care of the needs of your horse".

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