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Re: Why don't riders like to be judged? -- Let's get the factsstraight

In a message dated 6/24/99 2:37:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< The first two times I competed, I spent
 that time untacking, picking out feet, walking Mikey around, letting him
 roll, eat and so on.  I brushed and scrubbed off the worst of the saddle
 grime with a damp towel, washed the salt off his face, and from between his
 legs, but it was late afternoon, chilly with a stiff breeze, and no way was
 it "good horsemanship" to put alot of water on the horse at that point in
 order to get him spotlessly clean (and the only way of getting him really
 clean at that point was alot of water---grooming alone wouldn't have done
 it).  Good horsemanship  to my mind is taking care of the physiology of the
 animal, not the cosmetics.  >>

I agree with you.  If it's chilly, I never bathe my horse.  A good rub-down 
with a towel and then currying WHILE he's munching away on his bran mash and 
hay and we're both satisfied with the results.  Never had a horsemanship 
judge hassle me about it either.  In fact, I heard one judge telling  a 
novice rider that next time, don't put water all over her horse when it's 
chilly.  I have no idea what that particular score card showed, presumably 
she might have lost a horsemanship point.  One of the major things that has 
impressed me so much with NATRC is that the care and well-being of the horse 
is placed first and foremost -- I've learned a lot along the way (learned 
stuff at endurance rides too!).  NATRC is evolving and changing, so maybe 
I've just been exposed to the 90's version of NATRC and before that things 
were sillier (I don't know, only been doing it for 10 years).  You can get 
your horse pretty clean without water (plus, my horses like all that rubbing 
and scratching).  I take a lot of pride in the way Harca looks at the final 
vet check whether that's an AERC ride or a NATRC ride.  I've had AERC vets 
tease me about how clean he is and ask if I ride NATRC also.  I am proud to 
say "YES"!


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