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Re: RC: Re: trailer tying?? Pet Peeves

ONly  YOU would do this. :) ROTFL!

On Mon, 21 Jun 1999 15:32:14 -0400 Teddy Lancaster
<> writes:
>I got a GREAT one for you!!!  My horse was tied to trailer
>(must be 12 years ago) and was rattling his bucket in the
>middle of the night. I was hopping mad (MY error), so,
>WITHOUT warning, I got out, went behind my horse and KICKED
>Needless to say, I got kicked right back!!!! (the element of
>surprise should NEVER be underestimated)
>"Flemmer, Linda" wrote:
>> April,
>> My personal feeling on trailer tying is it isn't safe -
>> I've seen too many horse wrecked when they were trailer
>> tied.  I admit that I've seen horses escape from
>> everything (even ties), but I've seen no direct injuries
>> from a panel or a wide-webbed, visible electric fence
>> yet.  (We use 4" wide white nylon fence with a hot wire
>> woven through it.  It LOOKS like a white board fence!!)
>> Of course, once any way of containing the horse fails, all
>> bets are off.  Once free, they are an accident waiting to
>> happen.  (as if they weren't anyway.)
>> I've seen horses tangle in their ties and injure tendons &
>> joints, get lacerations (including arteries) on the metal
>> of the trailer, yank back and have tie rings hit them in
>> the face/eye, have severe rope burn when tangled, and I
>> have heard of (but didn't witness) a broken leg when a
>> back leg wedged between the two tires.
>> You hit on my personal pet peeve for a trailer tied horse,
>> though...  He makes constant noise that keeps ME up when I
>> sleep in my trailer.  The only thing any worse is if I
>> need to load him on the trailer overnight because of
>> horrendous weather.  (hail, heavy lightning, rain & 33*F,
>> etc.)   If it looks like a person is planning on tying out
>> for a ride, I'll do my best to park somewhere else.  That
>> way I'm not awake all night or administering first aid
>> while someone is trying to wake up a ride vet who has
>> sutures with him!
>> Linda
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: April []
>> Subject: RC: Re: trailer tying??
>> Of course, you'll remember, dear, my horse was trailer
>> tied and he lay down,
>> munched (you said you could hear him from inside your
>> truck!  :) )

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