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interference boots

  My horse Sha-Win, can't go down the driveway without his ankle boots on. 
Otherwise he makes hamburger of the insides of his fetlocks.  There are 
dime-sized areas that have no hair growth, but thanks to the little, cheap 
ankle boots with one velcro fastener only, he no longer opens them up.  I do 
not lose points at the end, he is not tender on the spots, and have won many 
  You can find these in any catalog.  They are neoprene, about $20, no brand 
name.  My horse is really hard on them and I buy a new set each Spring. They 
wash up easily, even dunking in H2O at the vet stops is good. I like the 
ones by Professional Choice, but they don't last as long (only about 2-3 
Roberta Harms
Sha-Win 7000 miles in ankle boots and many more to go.

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