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Toklat pad tight on withers


My Toklat woolback pad is not staying up off my mare's withers, and has
actually rubbed the hair off a 3-4" section.  I'm riding in a Big Horn
endurance saddle, which fits her well and is placed well behind her
wither. I can see it is the pad doing the damage here.  I tried tying it
up with shoelaces, but to no avail. I checked the archives on this
already but came up with nothing.

Has anyone else experienced this trouble with the Toklat pads?  Mine is
the oversized round barrel pad, with ultra cell inserts.  Rubs her with
or without the inserts. My horse is a Standardbred with average withers.
Built more like a warmblood than a TB. The hair appears to be growing
back brown, not white, so I hope to have caught this before permanent
damage was done. 

She does use a lateral sort of gait when going downhill (amble?) at a
walk, which worsens the side to side movement of the saddle and pad.
Sometimes she gaits during the ride, too(so comfy but I can't tell what
her feet are doing!).

April at Sportack suggested sewing velcro straps to the pad and securing
it to the saddle.  Has anyone done this to their pad?

Laurel Hickey

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