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RE: hacks

Title: RE: hacks

"Head Set" is a <<result>> of proper frame.  The head set can be "perfect" and still have a strung out horse.  If the horse is working in a lightly collected frame, the head set will always follow. 

If the horse is encouraged to move forward (i.e. under himself) with your seat & legs and forward movement is slowed (with the bit as in through half halts or one passive rein), then the horse rounds his back, tucks his butt under himself, arches his neck and brings his head down so the nose points almost towards the ground as he accepts the bit.  (Never let him overflag and get "behind" the bit.  it means less bit & more forward implusion is needed.)  They should be soft & supple on the bit - no hanging.  He is in a balanced position ready to move out in any direction or make transitions in gaits.  It's a little like a tennis player crouching on the balls of their feet, waiting for the ball.


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thanks for the responses, Heidi and all...points well taken.  I am aware
of two bad crashes with horses in hackamores and haven't had a great
desire to use one....I understand (I think) using legs and seat but
thought that head set help define the frame also.  thanks.  jan

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