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Re: RC: Re: Re:Looking for a horse

Just for the record, not all CTRs are judged alike.  I agree with you about the
judging; I want my horse's condition to be judged, not mine.  The club I ride
under (AHAO Distance) has rules similar to IAHA, and we judge only the horse.
Some rides offer separate horsemanship judging, though it's rare these days
because most ride managers would rather put that money into awards for the
horses and most riders care more about that too.  I know that it's the same
with ECTRA and UMECRA  as well, and I think with SEDRA too.  If I'm not
mistaken, NATRC  is the only one that's like that.  As for bareback there's no
rule against it with us; come join us if you get a chance!
This doesn't mean that I think you're wrong about a new rider starting with LD;
either way has its value.  I just don't want any newbies to get confused about

April wrote:

> Hey, Sandy,
>   I'm new to endurance riding, but I'll say I will probably not do a CTR
> ride.  (Never say never).  For one thing, I ride bareback and many CTRs
> won't allow me to ride bareback.  Second, you get judged in CTRs.  I don't
> like that.  I'd rather get from point A to point B with a healthy horse and
> who cares if I can make him back up between two trees?  (We CAN, but that's
> not that point here!  :)  ).
> Third, a good place to start is LD (limited distance) rides.  Defined by
> AERC as "at least 25 miles but must not exceed 35 miles" (so that 5 mile LD
> is out, right guys???  :)  LOL).  They're held on the same day and from the
> same base camp as endurance rides (over 50 miles).
> Check out if you haven't already.
> April & Apache (why can't she just shut up for once?)
> Chattanooga, TN
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> From: <>
> I'm new to the list and boy what a trip you've given me so far, especially
> reading about the OD ride, I'm from Virginia, great stuff.  OK about the
> horse, I live in Florida and would like to get started in CTR thats where
> you
> start right?  Well the three horses I have are not suited for this type
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