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to tie, or not to tie.....

Just want to add a couple more things to this thread. (might as well beat it
somemore, its not dead...yet) Horse can get cast, with legs through corral
panels,into electric fence  under horse trailers, or into tie ropes. They
are animals, and sometimes, not so smart. A horse that is loose in his
corral, that is attached to the side of the trailer, can roll into the
trailer. Granted, the larger area he has to "roam" the better chance he will
choose a spot that is clear of hazards. My gelding Drut, is like Sylvias
Harca, he knows how to live tied on the side of the trailer, lays down,
rolls etc. and has never got caught or injured. One of the biggest benefits
to a horse that will tie for extended periods of time to the side of the
trailer is that can be used just about anywhere. Having your truck
breakdown, and no place to house the horse for a few hours, or even
overnight can pose a problem for many as to what to do with the horse. I can
comfortably tie Drut to the trailer. Coming home from a ride in No. Cal. on
interstate 5 one year I needed to stop and sleep a while before continuing
my drive. I pulled off at Harris Ranch, parked in the large, quiet dirt area
that was away from the road and tied my horse for a few hours while I slept.
I was completely comfortable doing this with my horse. As others have said,
know your critter, and what they can deal with. Do what you feel is safe for
YOUR horse, and those around you. Practice at home, see what works. One
person posted her horse pulled back while practicing being tied to the
trailer at home. Not the fault of the trailer it was tied to, but a horse
that plain does not tie. Sorry, but I feel  ALL trail horses need to tie.
Doesn't have to be overnight to a trailer, but they need to respect the
rope that has them attached to the object you hope will not move, and be
good and not pull back. OK, enough said from me on tying. Do what you feel
is best for you and your horse at rides, then go enjoy the ride. Thats what
we do distance riding for, right?  Its FUN, right???

Jonni in So. Calif. getting ready for Pre-ride of the last 40 miles of the
Tevis trail next week with the lady I work endurance horses for.

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