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Re: RC: Re: trailer tying??

TWICE, not once, but TWICE I woke up to find my horses legs (all FOUR) UNDER my
trailer. The first time (bless him for being SUCH a good boy) he laid still
while three men pulled on his halter and tail and got him out...NO injury and we
did do the ride.

The SECOND time, I woke up to find he HAD been under the trailer and got a NASTY
cut on his matter WHAT I did, he got proud flesh and has a scar
there today (10 years later).  That was AFTER a ride.


April wrote:

> Of course, you'll remember, dear, my horse was trailer tied and he lay down,
> munched (you said you could hear him from inside your truck!  :) ), and
> relaxed quite well, too.  Apache was quite fresh and ready to go in the
> morning.
> Each horse is an individual, after all.  :)  I think we should make THAT our
> motto, not "to finish is to win!"  LOL <jk>
> April & Apache
> Chattanooga, TN
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: robert & carla lawson <>
> Have to respond to trailer tying.
> My horse was able to lie down, munch, relax and enjoy the comforts of a
> semi-home environment with our portable stall. She was able to lie on her
> side and get off her feet. Needless to say she was a heck of alot fresher
> the next morning than being tied up all nite.
> We really looked around  to purchase our fence 3 of us went in and split the
> cost. $150 was the total and it was the best 50 bucks I ever spent.
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