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Spooky Things

OK, I know this has gone on for a while, but no one mentioned this one, so here
it is: Frisbee Golfers!  

The horse I ride for pleaser (a great Paint, ex-barrel racer), spooks a bit, but
usually just freezes and waits for his barn mate (a reliable QH) to go first. :)
 One Sunday afternoon, we went to ride in a local park (it is a large one - we
don't have many public trails in Central Texas, yet!). We were sharing the park
with families picnicing, kite flying competion (complete with loud music), radio
controlled airplanes, people shooting off rockets, remote-controlled boat
racing, the works! None of this bothered TC, the paint or Luke, the QH. Then we
encountered the FRISBEE GOLFERS!  They have a golf bag cart, similar to regular
golfers and they were walking along coming up behind us. I wasn't aware of them
because they were just people walking along the course. Nothing much wrong
there. But TC had other ideas and bolted! He had never done that before but I
wheeled him around (good spins on an ex-barrel racer!), and faced the
horse-eaters!  I laughed out loud when I saw what had spooked him but we did get
a heck of a trot out of him the whole way back to the trailer!

So, add that to the 'get them used to it' list. Frisbee Golfers will get you
every time!

Dianne and TC (no I don't do endurance) and Emma Bey (who will do endurance
Cedar Park, TX

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