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Re: RC: Re: CTR (delete if you're sick of this subject)

Several years ago there was an incident of two horses tied to the trailer over
night - one on each at the back of the trailer so they could see each other.
The back doors slid down into the hinges.  They were very heavy.  During the
night one horse got his rope under the corner of the door, paniced a jerked
back.  This put the door airbourn right into the other horse.  Quite nasty.  I
don't like to tie to the trailer for any prolonged period of time.  A tie line
running between trailers or from a trailer to a tree is o'kay, but not to the
side of the trailer.

Truman wrote:

> In a message dated 6/21/99 6:59:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> <<
>  My biggest beef with NATRC is that you have to tie your
>  horse to the trailer all night.  My understanding is that
>  it's an attempt to "level the playing field".   >>
> I know, it seems a lot of people are worried about that aspect of NATRC.
> Honestly, I feel safer with my horse tied and even when I could use a
> portable corral, I still tie.  He's comfortable, safe, he can lay down, roll,
> everything AND he can't run through camp with electric tape and t-posts
> flying, or with portable corral panels hanging off him like some kind of
> weird equine jewelry.  I've watched a lot of horses at endurance rides in
> their portable corrals, and they don't seem to move around any more than my
> guy does tied to the trailer.  Of course, this is a totally unscientific
> study!
> Sylvia
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