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In a message dated 6/18/99 7:44:30 AM EST, writes:

<< Hasn't ANYONE had a problem with a SNOWBLOWER? >>

My horses have never even seen snow!!!

Wameco is terrified of *small* things.....Mini's, especially pulling a cart, 
will send him into a panic attack....Donkeys...He is TERRIFIED of donkeys!  
And concrete statues of horses....You know, the small statues that people 
have in their yards....he won't come within 10 yards of one.  His heart 
monitor practically goes off the scale.  Hmmm, I wonder if there is any 
cardiovascular benefit to be gained by "fear training"...LOL  
I knew we could make spooky things endurance related somehow!

Cindy Bell
Wameco....Give me a Front End Loader anyday....just keep those terrifying 
small horses away from me!

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