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Immune System and Ride Numbers

The easy question:  Removing ride numbers.  Try those wonderful Slick N Easy
grooming blocks.  They will take off winter hair, ride numbers, dirt and
sweat marks better than anything I have tried.

Now for the easy but dangerous question:
The herbal recommendation for boosting the immune system of an otherwise
healthy horse is Echinacea.  If horse is fighting infections add Goldenseal
to it.  

Now back to my prior warning (ad nauseum) and the fears of all the others
who wrote on this subject a month ago--the Goldenseal might test positive in
a drug test.  Tom Ivers sent me the name of a very expensive but detailed
book that outlines at least some of prohibited the chemical compounds.
Goldenseal can occasionally test postive in people on certain types of drug
screen.  Of course if your using Goldenseal it is usually because of
infection so you would probably not have this horse at a ride. How long
should the horse be off the herb after he is well--that's anybody's guess.

I have not found any indication that Echinacea would cause a positive
reaction to a test.  There is no testing or literature that I have found.
The compounds don't appear to be a problem but who knows.  The horse using
Echinacea to boost the immune system is not sick and could very well be at a
ride.  You are not intending the herb as a veternary treatment but rather a
nutritional suppliment. Could it test positive--who knows?  Would it violate
the drug policy if it did? I guess that is yet to be determined.  

Joane and the Herd
Price, Utah

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