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Re: RC: Stocking up

I guess it's sounds like a silly question, but are there reasons - aside
from stress, injury or wind puffs - one horse would stock up when an
almost comparable horse wouldn't?

One horse came through the ride in the same condition as Gav. 

It had the same cardiac recovery and the same vet results throughout the
ride, but stocked up afterwards. This horse didn't have the same amount
of ride mileage over time, but is being conditioned  more frequently
then Gav. 

So in this horses case, the stocking up results when the cardiovascular
system and muscles are in good condition, but the tendons and ligaments
haven't caught up, right?

DreamWeaver wrote:
> >I tie Gav at night on a picket or a long line, and he's got the habit of
> >standing perpendicular to the trailer leaning against it with his
> >butt... Mr. Casual! He doesn't move much after dark, yet he never has
> >filling in the morning.
> That's cuz he's conditioned for the work you ask out of him.  I have never
> wrapped legs.  I want to be able to see them.  If they fill or are swollen,
> and are would I know?  Wrapping only traps in heat, I don't
> understand why people do it quite honestly.


  Linda Cowles     
  Lion Oaks Ranch 
  Gilroy CA

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