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Removing butt numbers

Title: Removing butt numbers

Someone thinking that you just brought the horse home from an auction just tells you who the "uninitiated to endurance" are.  It gives you the opportunity to corrupt (or is that entice) them to the sport!

It's too bad I can't use the same number all season like the NASCR drivers.  Heck - just a little touch up and you'd be all set for the season!

Linda Flemmer

-----Original Message-----
Don't you want that number on for as long as possible though for "bragging
rights" at your barn?>> want to get that number off as soon as possible. You wouldn't
believe the number of unintiated, non-endurance people I've met who think a
number on a butt means you got the horse from the auction!!!

Michelle and Jordan (not on my butt, thank you!!)

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