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So where are all the stamps going to come from for
all these warning letters we're all going to get
when we have our horse's teeth floated or give
them shots so they don't bring virus' to the next
ride?  Who is going to pay for them?

Do all those stamps mean our yearly dues will be
going up again in the near future?

Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY happy about drug testing!
And I'm happy about the "Absolutely No Drugs" policy.
But I think sending warning letters out for 1 ppb tests
is overkill...  then again, maybe we'd all end up with
more framed warning letters on the wall than ride photos.

How about someone print the minimal therapeutic amounts
needed for common (not all) restricted drugs.  Like,
say, Rompum or Bute or DMSO.  How many parts per million
does it take to have a pharmaceutical affect on a 900 lb

I propose that 1/1000'th or less of the minimal therapeautic
amount for a 900 lb horse of any drug is less than the amount
needed to show up in a drug test to send out a warning letter.
Of course the final decision and numbers are up to us, our BOD,
and Vet Committee.

Right... I'll go back to slicing my disks now...

:) - Kat Myers
in No. Cal. with Magnum the "Limited Distance" TB ex-racer
... who is being so sound and so lively these days he just
might have to come back out of retirement and one more;
and Mr Maajistic... resident endurance horse who carried
his friend Gale to a completion in her first ever endurance
ride at Castle Rock.  Congratulations Gale!

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