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Ride needed to the OD!

I am posting this for my friend, Mary Ann Meirs. She needs a ride for her
horse, Rascal, to the Old Dominion! The person who had agreed to take her
backed out on us! We've been training together for the 50 (her first-I
know, the OD is a tough first 50, but she's determined to try!). Rascal is
a 14'1" 16 year old arab gelding who loads on anything without a problem
and travels like a dream-though he's not real pleased about being in a
trailer alone, all he does is shift and paw a little. I only have a two
horse and am already committed to bringing another friend's horse who
refuses to load on a ramp load trailer (mine's a step up). Mary Ann and
Rascal are in CreamRidge, New Jersey, only 15 or so minutes off the New
Jersey turnpike at exit 7. The farm is easily accessed. Please, if anyone
from up north has an extra space in their trailer and would be willing to
give Mary Ann a ride, contact her at: or call her at
609-758-3574 to leave a message. 

Thank you! Can't wait-after working at and eventually vetting the OD for
over 10 years (1978-1989) I finally get to try to ride it! Figured I start
with the 50 and try the 100 in 2000. 

Sarah Ralston and Fling, who was conceived 12 years ago with the specific
goal of being an Old Dominion horse. Took me a long time to get there, but,
better late than never! See you there!
Sarah L. Ralston, VMD, PhD, dACVN
Associate Professor
Department of Animal Science
Bartlett hall, room 209
Cook College, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

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