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Re: RC: Pony Power, Little Big Horses?

Mickie Newnam wrote:
> Lynette,
> My opinion is that if you and the horse are comfortable and you are
> balanced, just let other people laugh.  I would be concerned that you're
> doing 15 miles only the 5th time out ona 3-yr-old, however.  I don't like
> the idea of that much work that young; I've seen too many problems.
> Mickie

I am not sure what kind of problems you are talking about, but
pony mature alot
faster then bigger horses. They do not do any more growing after
3 year old and 
this guy turned three January 6th. In fact they don't grow after
2. So a three year old pony is much more capable of carrying
weight and doing more work then a three year old horse. At least
the ponies that I raise are like that. Also they are raised on
over 40 acres of hilly pasture, 7 days a week at 24 hours a day.
If you are talking about taking 
such a very, very green horse out on the trail, there was only a
few riders and the
terrain was the same as what he had been raised on. 

But the thing that is puzzling me, is that the ability they have
to care more weight and work hard, then horses twice their size.
Could it be that they have big and dense bone for their size?
And they have the compact legs and body? How many of you have
seen a pony with bad or crooked legs? I am really wondering how
this guy would do in endurance? 
Would my size and weight handicap him? would he be better off
with a kid on him? Or does it not matter? If some of you have
never been on a pony, next time you see one, ask to ride it, you
will be amazed at the power and strength of these little beasts!


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