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Re: RC: Pony Power, Little Big Horses?

Lynette Helgeson wrote:
> I have a 13.3 pony ...the
> more I ride this pony, the more I fall in love with this little
> guy. He is a beautiful little powerhouse, does not know that he
> is small and can out walk and out shine even the biggest of
> horses. He is very willing to do whatever I ask and has the
> biggest heart I have every encountered in such a small package.
> The thing is I am not a small person. I am 5'9" and have been
> asked if my feet get wet when we go through water.

This guy sounds super!

Kadance is under 14 hands, but easily carries heavyweight guys like Mike
Black and Mike Maul. He doesn't look small under them, and they don't
look big on him. It's perplexing how little horses can be so big. Many
great working quarter horses are small, 14 to 14.3, and they carry huge
cowboys, heavy saddles, and have lightning-fast reactions. It isn't just
the length of the bones that makes a "big" horse big.

Kadance rides like a big horse because he IS a big horse! At 15.2, well
proportioned Gavilan looks big. But 13.3 Kadance's shoulder is the same
size as Gav's, his butt is bigger, his chest is wider, his heart girth
is the same. He has 8.25 cannons and size 1 feet front and back - not
flat feet either. He's a monster-sized horse with short back and legs. 

Your pony sounds like the same type of animal... look at yourself on him
in a mirror - you may not look "too big". And remember, he's only a baby
- three is very immature. As he develops muscle, he'll start to look
bigger. He's very young... 

Like Mickie, I'd watch working him much under saddle as a 3 year old,
because I've seen problems too. Several friends had bad experiences,
ending up with ponies with back problems. The owners regret starting
them carrying weight so young.

Good luck with him!

  -- Linda


  Linda Cowles 
  Lion Oaks Ranch 
  Gilroy CA

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