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Re: RC: Caradeno SO

Lari Shea wrote:
> He's certainly one of my favorite
> horses ever, and I hope to place him in the "right" home soon.  He's too
> hot for a novice rider, and even scares some intermediate riders, but with
> a relaxed partner, he is a pussycat, as Susie Morrill, who rode him to top
> tens on two 100's last season, and Linda Cowles, who rode him for a week
> last fall, can vouch.

Lari's got Cardinio pegged!!! I had a blast riding him! 

Alone on the trails, he's like a big (strong) pony... so sweet and easy.
He's extremely pleasant and fun to ride, and is willing to do anything
you ask. He's got nice manners, and great gaits. He's very comfortable.
He has a lot of personality, is very easy to grow fond of.

Get him in a group? He comes on like a raging stallion!! I felt like
waving my helmet in the air and yelling "Hi Ho Silver!!!"

When I laughed it off and asked him to behave - damnit! - well, he did!
It was that easy, but I'm not intimidated by forward horses. I like
having all that power working for me. He pulled a little at first, and I
let him know that I'd give on my end when he gave on his; he caught on
quickly and we rode on with light contact - with him behind the group
and not too happy about it!!  He has a lot of passion - he wants to GO!
He would leap forward any chance I gave him. Some horses make you feel
very special as a rider... he's one. I felt like I could have ridden him
to the moon....

He's powerful, but easy to ride. Even when he was calm, I felt like I
was riding an upper level dressage horse - not because of his size, but
because of his power and impulsion. Neat boy!

I hope he finds a good home! 


  Linda Cowles                     
  Lion Oaks Ranch              
  Gilroy CA

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