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We were surprised when Meshack lost 5 1/2 points for
fatigue at the 25-mile CTR on May 15th.. I thought it might 
have been due to withholding grain. Today we went to 
Robin Groves' for a driving lesson.

She noted green runny manure and wondered if he had been
getting much hay. I noted over the past three weeks that he
has been eating less and less hay as the Spring grass grows.
Over the past week he ate almost NO hay!  

Robin suggested that to get ready for the Maine 80 this weekend, 
that I restrict his turnout area to get him to eat more hay.  Do you 
think four days is enough time? He's now restricted to the barn to
water corridor where he's eaten most of the grass.

Could this be more of the reason for fatigue two weeks ago than
withholding two quarts of grain?


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