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Re: Halter bridle

I use a halter bridle and my horse and I have worked out a fairly easy system.
I put on the halter/headstall then hook the bit on the off side of the
headstall. I steady it, line up all the pieces into a soft straight line and
then ask him to open his mouth as I slide  the bit in from the side. I hook
the other side and we are in business. it took us about two weeks of casual
work to get the system down. Now I can drop the bit out of the side so he can
graze and stick it back in with no problems. 
My advice is to figure out what would be best for you and the horse on trail
and then begin to teach the horse what to do. If they aren't afraid of the bit
putting it in sideways will just be another crazy thing we humans do and
nothing to worry about.

Terry and Shahin with the sideways bit.

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