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Proud Flesh/Sarcoid question

I've never had a problem with proud flesh fortunately, but
my gelding gets lots of scrapes, scratches, bite marks, and
so on -- he plays very rough with his buddies.  I've been
told recently that picking scabs off such injuries will
prevent proud flesh.  My husband (a dentist) doesn't think
it's a good idea because he believes the scabs are on there
for a good reason -- to protect the injured tissue.  Also,
do horses ever get proud flesh above the knee/hock?

My horse also has a sarcoid on his face, about midway
between eye and nostril, slightly off center.  My vet did a
biopsy a week ago, haven't gotten the results back yet.
We're hoping that that might stimulate it to resolve itself
although it doesn't look like it's getting any smaller.  She
said that there are several theories as to what causes them,
possibly trauma or a virus.  My horse did have a scrape in
that spot that the scab was picked off (not by me), and
shortly afterward the sarcoid began forming.  Anyone have
any ideas?


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