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Re: RC: Proud flesh remedy?

 I just wanted to elaborate further on the proud flesh & exercise
thing.  My reasoning has been that if exercise didn't help prevent proud
flesh, then why do all those little nicks and scrapes our own horses get
never go to proud flesh?  Do BLM/feral/wild horses ever get proud flesh
on them?  What prevents it if not the exercise?

I may not have emphasized in my post that I am talking about horses that
have freedom to move around a lot, and do.  Our horses have never been
on less than 50 acres, and all hilly.  Wild horses, of course, have even
more space.

I do see that wrapping would be necessary if a horse was in a paddock or
stall and couldn't be turned out, but what about my theory that wrapping
might not be necessary with enough exercise?   Thank you, Lif


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